Art & Science Gallery, by Shilpa Architects Planners Designers

The idea is to create a building that will take its rightful place among international peers- one that is modern in outlook, but Indian in soul.

Design approach

The space aims to emphasize the connection that Indian civilizations effortlessly made between earth, sky and nature and trigger sustainability & on-site renewable energy strategy.

The client’s vision was to create an Art & Science Gallery in all the metros in India. They envisioned it to be a unique and inspirational space for engaging young adults to explore the intersection between science and the arts. The collaborators and board of advisors were from leading Science, Technology, Liberal Arts and Art Schools across the country.

Indian culture celebrates the seamless flow of visual and performing arts to astronomy, mathematics and science since Vedic times. Indo-centric planning of spaces delves into ancient cultural values that are rooted in the philosophies of the subcontinent. Shilpa Architects’ design for the gallery is about an interlinking ambulatory space between two wings that enhances social connection and kindles curious surprise.

Views and Renders

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