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This website is a home to numerous ideas that couldn’t be realised due to several reasons.


Unbuilt 2.0: architecture of future collectives

unbuilt 2.0: architecture of future collectives delves deeper into the meaning of unbuilt, and expands beyond the buildable unbuilt. It features about 50 ideas, realistic and speculative, along with thought provoking and intriguing essays on the theme by diverse design professionals across India.

Book Cover Unbuilt 1.0

india: unbuilt architecture vol 1.0

Indian architects report that a significant amount of their work remains unbuilt - whether as concepts that didn’t make the cut at competitions, as proposals which got tied up in red tape, or as projects that were abandoned by stakeholders. While we measure the worth of a building by the visual, tactile and spatial experience it offers, the fact remains that unrealized ideas are just as crucial as built structures - for design, development and discourse. This volume seeks to celebrate these ideas.

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Essays from india: Unbuilt Architecture Vol 1.0

Competition Entry for IGNCA by Gautam Bhatia

Essay: You Win Some, You Lose Most

In the last twenty years of practice, our firm ABRD Architects has kept busy primarily by competitions – often by winning, but mostly by losing them. Competitions have always fired our imagination – using the opportunity to delve into design charettes. We typically explore divergent options with the intent to question and go beyond the design brief.

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