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This website is a home to numerous ideas that couldn’t be realised due to several reasons.


Unbuilt 2.0: architecture of future collectives

unbuilt 2.0: architecture of future collectives delves deeper into the meaning of unbuilt, and expands beyond the buildable unbuilt. It features about 50 ideas, realistic and speculative, along with thought provoking and intriguing essays on the theme by diverse design professionals across India.

Book Cover Unbuilt 1.0

india: unbuilt architecture vol 1.0

Indian architects report that a significant amount of their work remains unbuilt - whether as concepts that didn’t make the cut at competitions, as proposals which got tied up in red tape, or as projects that were abandoned by stakeholders. While we measure the worth of a building by the visual, tactile and spatial experience it offers, the fact remains that unrealized ideas are just as crucial as built structures - for design, development and discourse. This volume seeks to celebrate these ideas.

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Essays from india: Unbuilt Architecture Vol 1.0

Le Corbusier's Proposal for Contemporary City

Unbuilding Design

Buildability of the design is the fulcrum on which its valuation as unbuilt design often turns. Every buildable unbuilt design sustains the contradiction between ‘pure design’ and the messiness of reality that produces it, which it must navigate and alter, and which may defeat it occasionally.

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Why Should We Examine Unbuilt Architecture?

If we view unbuilt architecture as a photograph of the inner turn of the architect, what is revealed in this photograph will demonstrate whether architecture is captured by an ideology of arrogance or an ideology of humility.

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Unbuilt Ideas

National War Memorial at New Delhi, by Kumar Consultants

Not many works of architecture hold as much weight and significance as a memorial. These powerful monuments stand as symbolic spaces, evoking solemnity, solidarity, and reverence. Their spaces represent the gravity of war, evoke memory and commemorate sacrifice. – Kumar Architects

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House on the Lake Pavna, by SDM Architects

This contemporary house by SDM Architects on the hill is a real retreat for an urban family from Mumbai. The plot abuts the beautiful Pavna Lake which is close to Lonavala and Pune city making it one of the closest weekend destinations to Mumbai. The site slopes almost about 30 meters from the top end of the plot to the other end which makes one reach the edge of the lake.

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The Shadow Spaces: Invisible Sacred Landscapes of Indian Cities

The relationship that humans have with death is complex and ever-changing, this is inevitably reflected in the architecture of spaces related to death. To interrogate the contemporary role of these spaces, architect Sanchit Arora of Indian firm Renesa Architecture Design Interiors used his conceptual research project work, “The Shadow Spaces; Invisible Sacred Landscapes of Indian Cities” to analyze the place of crematoriums within Indian society.

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Vad Gumbaj by BandukSmith Studio

Vad Gumbaj, Ahmedabad, by BandukSmith studio

This project was proposed for a competition for an iconic structure along the banks of the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad. Given the context of a limited budget and the municipality’s small appetite for maintenance, we took the opportunity to reflect on the nature of a monument – who it serves, what it reflects, and what kind of resource it consumes.

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Temple by Architecture Discipline

Temple at Hulikal, Karnataka

Contemporary Retake on Temple Architecture, by Architecture Discipline – An amalgam of a traditional religious space and the spirit of innovation and experimentation

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