Dar Al Uloum, Saudi Arabia, by Anagram Architects

"An institution of historic significance for the city of Sakaka, the design hopes to celebrate the Dar Al Uloom, on a site cast for its continuing importance in the public, social and cultural landscape of the city."- Anagram Architects

Knowledge translates to ilm in Arabic. The Islamic concept of ilm is multifarious, embracing theory, action and education as subsets and manifestations of knowledge. In concept, it extends beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge to include its transmission and synthesis. Uloom translates to knowledge(s) i.e. the plural sense of ilm. The design recentres this plurality of knowledge and re-envisions Dar Al Uloom as a social oasis of learning, creativity and culture.

imagines a fertile place of constant conception, generation and
transmission of knowledge(s), where minds are enabled to meet, seek
and co-create.

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