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  • A. Contact and Registration Information

    We will use your email for correspondence and registration on ArchitectureLive! and Unbuilt.
  • Provide the name of the firm, organisation or institution (in case of academic submission).
  • B. Project Information

    Provide the details of the project.
  • Provide a suitable typology for your project. For e.g, Housing, Hospitality, Religious, Healthcare etc.
  • Provide a suitable title for your project.
  • Mention 'N.A.' if the project is not designed for any specific site in India. Project must have Indian context to be aligible for the book.
  • Attachments


    1. Share a single .zip or .rar file through WeTransfer, Google Drive or DropBox, with the following folders and subfolders:

    A. Images (.JPG or .TIFF Format, All images must be CMYK, 5000 pixels minimum at 300 DPI. Share between 10 - 15 images in total).

    Subfolders: Renders, Drawings, Model Images, Sketches.

    All images must be supported with captions.

    B. Text - A text file (.Doc/x), between 500 and 600 words, explaining the brief, context and design approach. Additional project facts, if any, should be shared through a separate file, saved in the text folder.


    2. The project may be rejected if the information is found to be incomplete or incorrect. We may contact you for additional information if need be.

    3. In case you have any query, please visit the FAQ section at the bottom of this page, or write to us on editor@unbuiltideas.com.

  • Please share the link to WeTransfer / DropBox / Google Drive, from where files could be downloaded. Make sure the folders on Google Drive are shared with editor@unbuiltideas.com
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