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Curatorial Brief

Unbuilt projects offer a compelling insight into what could have been and how our built environment may have been different. They shed light on the priorities and perspectives that influence what we choose to construct and why. When used for such inquiry, unbuilt architecture is no longer just the detritus of architectural ambitions but can instead serve as a treasure trove of possibilities, collectively reflecting on the spirit of the times, its problems and aspirations, ambitions and constraints.

The upcoming exhibition takes forward the first ever catalogue of unbuilt architecture in India- the publications India: Unbuilt Architecture Vol 1.0 and Unbuilt: Architecture of Future Collectives, as well as the ongoing archive of unbuilt work on this website. The exhibition excavates this collection along with the new contributions to explore the idea of unbuilt architecture as both mirror and muse to the built. Through this platform, the exhibition hopes to bridge the gap between the two.

We invite architects, urbanists, researchers, artists, and academicians involved with the built environment to contribute their unbuilt ideas in the form of architectural and planning projects, research, and art, as we develop the Unbuilt initiative to create a physical archive of unbuilt projects. 

We are interested in work that represents concepts that challenge established architectural paradigms and the opportunities they present to broaden, probe, and disrupt our conception of the built. 

Together, the goals of these studies should enable us to understand better the factors that both encourage and hinder innovation in the built environment in contemporary India.

All submitted entries will go through a process of curation. The participants whose entries get shortlisted will be notified by email.

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