Vad Gumbaj, Ahmedabad, by BandukSmith studio

Vad Gumbaj by BandukSmith Studio
This project was proposed for a competition for an iconic structure along the banks of the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad. Given the context of a limited budget and the municipality’s small appetite for maintenance, we took the opportunity to reflect on the nature of a monument – who it serves, what it reflects, and what kind of resource it consumes.

Vad Gumbaj is for people; fully inhabitable and accessible. As a place, it is a both a beacon and a shelter, immersed in a biodiverse oasis. Located in a rare forested park at the bottom of the urban riverfront in Ahmedabad, it’s surroundings are a resting place for flora and fauna, a moment of pause, to breathe, in the busy city. The vad gumbaj is inserted inside, growing up out of the flora of the park, and lifting it high for everyone to see. Its profile pushes out into the view of the river when seen from far.

does it reflect a vad (banyan tree)?

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