Author: Collaborative Architecture

Collaborative architecture is a an internationally renowned, award winning, firm based in Mumbai and having design centers in Kerala and Shanghai, China. Headed by LALIA THARANI and MUJIB AHMED , the practice infuses dynamism, innovation, and vigor into the fun of creating spaces. Reckoned amongst the best young practices in the country, the firm offers services on par with the best international practices and follows design and delivery protocols rated as best practice norm internationally. Collaborative is rated as one of the best innovative practices in Asia and is widely published nationally and internationally. Completed projects include High-end residential , hospitality, retail , offices, corporate environments, institutional and temporary architecture. The firm has won 33 awards since inception 12 years ago, out of which 11 are international awards. The firm recently got shortlisted in the global call to design, Russian Atomic Energy Major, ROSATOMS work environments located all over the globe. One of the 10 firms to have this honor. According to co-founder Lalita Tharani, their most recent project, arguably, one of the most innovative projects from the studio, REFLECTED TOPOGRAPHY, A public area design for India’s firm Platinum LEED IT park in Bengaluru takes the design innovation to radical levels, and would create a global bench mark for public realm design . Collaborative studios are laboratories, where innovations and emerging ideas are put into practice at the experimental level before being adopted and implemented on real size projects. The studios encourage lateral thinking, extreme innovation and technological dexterity as indispensable part of architecture, design and implementation. The practice is driven by innovation and ceaseless pursuit of quality in design to create projects, which are highly sensitive, poetic and within the budget limit. Every project is an exploration going beyond the functional brief, creating a symbiosis of people, places, culture, climate, economy and collaborative efforts of related disciplines.