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The Shadow Spaces: Invisible Sacred Landscapes of Indian Cities

The relationship that humans have with death is complex and ever-changing, this is inevitably reflected in the architecture of spaces related to death. To interrogate the contemporary role of these spaces, architect Sanchit Arora of Indian firm Renesa Architecture Design Interiors used his conceptual research project work, “The Shadow Spaces; Invisible Sacred Landscapes of Indian Cities” to analyze the place of crematoriums within Indian society.

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J. Krishnamurthy Study Centre at Hyderabad, by Shirish Beri Architects

J. Krishnamurthy Study Centre, at Hyderabad, by Shirish Beri

The design of the J. Krishnamurthy study centre is a metaphorical expression in the architectural language of Krishnaji’s ideas about life, silence and the role of the study centre. It is a place for serious introspection, silence, with a good library resource centre, a.v. room, a translation facility, meeting / discussion space and liaison office.

J. Krishnamurti Study Centre, at Hyderabad, by Shirish Beri

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India’s New Parametric Temple for Shirdi Sai Baba

The concept of the proposal was to provide a form that is as pure and perfect as possible on earth in colour, texture and philosophy. The proportions and sizing of all aspects of the design rely heavily on the understanding of the “Golden Ratio” and principles of mathematics and origami.

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Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai

Maharashtra Nature Park Competition is an opportunity to rejuvenate one of the rare parcels of urban forest that lie forgotten within the city and from there on cast a spotlight on a much larger area, extending from the upper reaches of the Mithi and Vakola Nallahs (streams) to the forgotten connect through Mahul to the Eastern waterfront.

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National Police Memorial, at Chankyapuri, New Delhi, India

The design of the National Police Memoria manifests itself in the stability inherent in a system of charged site-lines. It suggests that human reason is at play when an extremely irrational and loose system is confined. The system also reveals the latent disturbances and the potential to lose balance with mild agitation to the confinement.

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Lighting Museum and Energy Centre, at Bangalore, Karnataka

In commemoration of 150 years of power supply to Bangalore, via India’s very first power station in Shivanasamudra falls in Karnataka, the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd, held an architectural competition for the design of a Light Museum and Energy Center.

Lighting Museum and Energy Centre, at Bangalore, Karnataka, by MayaPraxis

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