PALM PARADISE at Rajkot, Gujarat, by Bridge Studio

PALM PARADISE at Rajkot, Gujarat, by Bridge Studio


PROJECT LOCATION :  PALM PARADISE, Opp. B.H. Gardi collage, Kalawad road, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

SITE AREA : 26,911

BUILT UP AREA : 23,235

The present project develops a superior hotel building with 336 hotel rooms, where an new concept of hotel is proposed.

The volume rises like a L-shaped slender prism with its principle facades facing north and west, and presenting an enclosure to open spaces from southern heat and harsh sunlight.   

The building consist of 15 floors where ground floor, first and second floors are double heighted floors. The ground floor having different spaces like business center, banquet hall, theater, game zone and other activity spaces while first floor has gymnasium, game zone and music room. Second floor consist of restaurants and swimming pool while all hotel rooms are situated from 3rd floor to 14th floor.

The vertical circulation nucleus located at the center of the building is strategically divide spaces of different functionalities, while two other vertical circulations has been given on both end of the building which allows people to access specified spaces on other floors directly from ground floor and separates human flow.   

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