Vatsalya, by Hiren Patel Architects

Vatsalya, by Hiren Patel Architects
Hiren Patel Architects designed Apta Sankul Residence as an ode to the deity Dada Bhagwan.

The Apta Sankul Residence is an ode to the deity Dada Bhagwan in all its aspects.

Hiren Patel Architects

A central focal point is created by the building named “Vatsalya” which acts as the shrine to God and serves as a centre of activity for all users alike. Publicly accessible zones such as reception, formal and informal lounges and boardrooms are created at the ‘Vatsalya’ centre, equidistant from all adjacent blocks. A passage of 7.5 Meters runs around the block for access from all sides.

Two residences, for males and females, have been placed in the North-East and South-West of the site respectively. The residences for males are termed ‘Apta Putra’ while the female residences are named ‘Apta Putri’. They are oriented in a way that they maintain an adequate level of visual privacy from each other. Each block is aligned around an interactive area between them for an increase in communication and accommodates 3 persons in a single room with amenities such as a washroom, pantry and a balcony provided in the room itself. The common spaces such as the library, sitting areas etc. face the central ‘Vatsalya’ block and act as the visual barrier from the accommodation as well.

An ‘Administrative’ block resides at the southeast of the site in conjunction with the ‘Dada Darbar’, a meeting zone, via a central courtyard. Multiple entries into the site aid in unobstructed access to the spaces. Dining halls are placed further into the north across stepped landscaping and segregated into two halls for each gender group.


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