Dandelion, The Seed by MYVN Architecture

Dandelion, The Seed by MYVN Architecture, a 15meter high steel structure, where 985 square sections represent the dense people power of the country.

“What more than our language, roots us to our respective land?  Language is the foundation of civilization. It is the glue that holds the people together. An Umbilical cord that binds us as people to our land.” The literacy rate of India stands at 74 percent, and knowing that education should reach far under audience, landing and growing in unpredictable places, a clear vision to defy that education is like sowing a seed for a nation to grow is adopted.

The sculpture is seen as seed of dandelion flying in the field that doesn’t know its final destination but imparts freedom as a weapon to push beyond limits. But even beyond horizon, one processes through regional script and transmits through other medium, thus implying real sense of ones understanding of existence.

The steel structure is 15meter high, where 985 square sections represent the dense people power of the country. Each section is individually soaring high into the sky. The structure is balanced as they pass through the extended arch that sets into the foundation, neutralizing into the ground. A load transferring structure is zoned into two inter-balanced parts – the ROOT and the SHOOT.

Project Facts:

Location:  India

Program: Sculpture/ Art Installation

Architecture firm/ Architects: MYVN Architecture

Type: competition

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