Mumbai Esplanade at Mumbai, Maharastra, by Somaya & Kalappa Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai Esplanade
Mumbai Esplanade at Mumbai, Maharastra, by Somaya & Kalappa Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

The Mumbai Esplanade is a significant civic improvement project connecting the city’s open spaces with train stations and business/cultural districts; it creates a single contiguous landscaped area that links some of the city centre’s primary places of interests such as transit employment and commercial nodes. The Mumbai Esplanade will have connected not only the 125 acres of existing parks, but will have added on 51 acres of new, open public space to Mumbai by linking the parks of the district to plazas, train stations and the central business district.

creation of an urban plaza is the most efficient solution for
creating a balance between pedestrian comfort and safety, and smooth
flow of automobile traffic. The residual benefit to the citizens of
Mumbai is the creation of an open landscape in a city starved of open
space. Surrounding the Cooperage Ground, Azad, Cross and Oval
Maidans, a part of the Mumbai Esplanade will incorporate a 1 meter
raised platform which will allow unobstructed views of the grand
heritage structures overlooking the maidans. Links to the Gateway of
India and the Museum district will allow contiguous flow to
Churchgate and C. Shivaji Terminus. The distinct historic district of
Mumbai will be preserved and celebrated; making it open for
Mumbaikars and tourists to enjoy this beautiful environment. Mumbai
Esplanade seeks to give citizens the opportunity to reconnect with
this port-city, so rich in history and significance

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