Nalanda University Campus, by Allies and Morrison and Hundredhands

The proposal was the competition entry for the Nalanda University Campus, Bihar, by Allies and Morrison and Hundredhands.

The proposal sought to make the Nalanda University campus, both practical and memorable. Practical because the buildings were simply constructed, straightforward in their planning and flexible in their use. And memorable not because the buildings are iconic architectural statements, but because the spaces between them were interesting, rewarding and legible. This network of spaces reflected the plan of a town. A comfortable series of interlinked spaces provided an urban pattern with a relaxed permeability and a clear hierarchy. A series of pedestrian routes linked every building and led directly to a primary street in which the major university activities were located.

The plan’s central spine was a busy pedestrian street – east-west alignment running parallel to the more distant topography of the escarpment to the north.

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