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Ar BRIJ PADALIA has initiated his creative journey under the guidance of Padmashree Dr. Bimal Patel. As an architect in core designing team, he has worked in large scale projects where he has gained an ample experience in executing a work in an excellent way In mid of 2009, he has established his architectural firm BRIDGE STUDIO. Main motive of the firm is to vivity the concept of living spaces by traditional medieval, modern, contemporary, indo western and many other fusion designs. Inspired from the design ethics of HCP, firm completely believes in giving a more and more ingenious avant-garde work. BRIDGE STUDIO has his own visualization of an architectural language. Firm believes that “designing is nothing but a problem solving process of an individual. Understanding their problem and facilitating their lifestyle but through our creative perspective directs to the final innovatory output Firm offers work which responds directly to the requirements of clients such as site, floor space index, building code and budget. BRIDGE STUDIO has a versatile body of work rahging from architecture and interior of residence and corporate offices to institutional, retail and hospitality spaces.
Seven Highrise

Seven Highrise

The project SEVEN HIGH-RISE is a lavish residential high-rise with commercial show rooms on ground and first floor areas.

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